You’re ready to take your backyard design to the next level. A retreat you can come home to at night and an entertainment area for the weekends. 

Outdoor Living and Landscapes believes a commitment to our clients and a focus on quality landscapes provides the strong foundation needed to construct a beautiful outdoor space you can call your happy place for many years to come.

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Residential LaNDSCAPE services

What We Do

We are a full-service landscaping company offering a wide spectrum of landscape services from simplistic plantings to complex outdoor living spaces. Our service offerings include outdoor kitchen design and installation, outdoor lighting, hardscape, retaining wall construction, patio design, plantings, and more.

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Paver Patios +
sitting walls

Designed with care to perfectly fit your new or existing backyard design, our sitting walls and patio designs provide the perfect space for relaxation and entertainment in outdoor living spaces that everyone will enjoy!

Our patio design services transform your outdoor living spaces, creating an entertainment and relaxation destination that everyone will want to enjoy. With a new patio design, your patio will be the ideal spot for your next summer party, or to simply relax after a long day’s work. Change the look of your outdoor living spaces today.



Beautiful landscapes use plant materials that are timeless and reflect your personality.

Be the envy of the neighborhood with beautifully designed softscapes to reflect your unique personality. Whether it is a new space or a renovation of an existing space, our team has the creativity and experience to bring your outdoor living spaces to life.

 Our designers will use their extensive knowledge of plant material to find that perfect combination of color, texture, and size to accent the architecture of your house and meet your personal style and needs.

Unilock, paver patio, landscape design


Retaining Walls + STeps

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Add beauty and increase safety by adding outdoor lighting to your to your landscaping, patio and walkways. 

Outdoor living spaces are meant to be enjoyed, even when the sun goes down!
Don’t let darkness bring an end to your evening. With outdoor lighting designed and installed by Outdoor Living & Landscape, you can light up the night and keep your party going!

Why should your outdoor living space close at dusk? With the addition of outdoor lighting, you not only add the ability to entertain way past sunset but it also adds depth, dimension and guidance to your landscape. Let Outdoor Living and Landscapes design a perfect lighting plan to either your new or existing landscape or outdoor living space.  

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We're currently accepting landscape projects for 2023. Please inquire with more details about your project and we'll set up a consultation to determine if we're the right fit.



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